Danny Ayoub


July - September 2017

Feedr.sh was a subscription manager for RSS and Atom feeds. Feedr.sh let users configure subscription preferences to any available syndication and offers convenient ways to set up & manage those subscriptions.

Feedr.sh fills the gap between syndicated feeds and email notifications. Users can set a custom notification interval of up to yearly updates and down to minute-by-minute ones. Here are some excerpts from the service’s about page:

Feedr.sh is a service that provides email updates with new content from RSS & Atom feeds.

Feedr.sh is not meant to be a feed reader, although update emails contain the descriptions from the feed data. Feedr.sh doesn’t crawl web content for data, which means if you’re subscribing to online news content like NYT, you won’t receive full article texts in most cases. You will get links to the articles, though, which means you’re free to read them on your own terms or bookmark them or whatever you’d like to do.

Feedr.sh does really well at letting you know when new content is published on your terms. If you want to know when new things are added to a feed, set up a subscription and know for sure when new stuff is published.

Feedr.sh is written in Go with a smattering of Javascript. MySQL is used for data storage. Feedr.sh runs on servers located in New York.

I planned on offering Feedr.sh for use for a flat fee of $10/yr. This would have included unlimited feed subscriptions and access to all the service’s features. The business model is a nod towards Pinboard’s.

I put the project on an indefinite hiatus in September 2017 due to starting work at Keybase.